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At the Prisoners’ Education Trust, we believe everyone in prison should have the opportunity to turn their life around through education. Since 1989, we have provided courses, advice and guidance to people in prisons across England and Wales, equipping them with the skills and qualifications needed to build brighter futures.

From GCSEs and vocational qualifications to degrees, our courses are proven by the Ministry of Justice to reduce the chance of someone returning to prison and increase their chances of finding work. Through the personal accounts of people we fund, we know that education has a positive effect on mental health and selfconfidence, can improve relationships with family members and helps to create a more hopeful and purposeful prison environment.

As the UK’s leading prison education charity, we advocate for system-wide improvements to make the most of education’s potential – for prisoners, their families and society as a whole.

“Education is freedom, it is opportunity and, for us prisoners, education is a second chance. Not just a second chance at work but a second chance to find out who we are. That is what education means to me.” Jamie, HMP Ashfield

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